Our Promise

We are committed to provide the highest quality in car Detailing/ Car Wash/ Lube and other Car Care related Products and Services that helps to maintain our customer's vehicles in best order and retain the value and the condition of the vehicle for longer period

Our Belief

Use of Latest Techniques and Best Practice to perform our services,Use of High Quality Materials, Chemicals, Shampoo and Waxes, Internationally recognized for Environment, Health and Safety Standards

Our Team

Consistently trained for best practices, Enjoy working with passion and maintaining a friendly team working atmosphere, Recognize and value each other equal to our customers

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Quality Policy

  • Our definition of quality begins at careful analysis to find ways and means to satisfy the needs and wants of all stake holders,

  • We identify the very existents of the organization is to serve such purpose.

  • In doing so we are willing to change with the ever-changing environment to identify and exploit the opportunities also to anticipate and mitigate the threats for all.

  • All our service activities are based on well though and studied policy. We comply with the stranded imposed by the original equipment manufacturers.

  • We believe the fallowing key values will enable consistent performance of service quality.

  • Use of right procedures and best practices that customized to local conditions which learnt over the years of experience in the industry and commitment to continue development with the changes in the industry.

  • Use of right products, service consumables, tools and equipment’s to perform the services, being responsible for the protection for the people, vehicle and the environment.

  • Educate customers to use services just at the right time to ensure the maximum level of performance and to prevent early expiration their assts.

Our Services

Motopet Services

  • Oil Change & Lube Services

  • Car Wash Quick Detail

  • Exterior/Interior Detail

  • Leather Cleaning

  • Engine Cleaning & Glazing

  • Rubber Treatment

  • Wheel Alignment

  • Running Repairs

  • Car Tint Sun Control Films

  • Paint Protection films

  • Customized Car Mats

  • Injector Cleaning

  • Filter Replacement

  • Glass Polishing

  • Car Wrapping

  • Rust Proofing Undercoating

Car Wash/ Quick Detailing



Shampoo wash of exterior paint work, Degreasing wheel wells, Cleaning rubber beadings exterior and interior, Cleaning door hinges and wells, Cleaning tyre walls and wheels, Waxing the paint work, Applying protective and colour enhancing coating on wheel and tyres walls.


It`s a process includes detail cleaning of your car interior. Seats, carpets, dash and entire cabin will be cleaned thoroughly with recommended care materials and lots of wiping and vacuuming work.

Oil Change/ Quick Checkup

oil change


Oil with quality motor oil & oil filter that suites best your vehicle.

Inspection of key components

Brake fluid level (in transparent reservoirs), Serpentine belts, Wiper blades, Coolant reservoir levels, Engine air filtration system, Exterior lights, Chassis(lubricate when applicable).

Detailing/ Interior

car interior


It`s a process includes detail cleaning of your car interior and applying the protective conditioners to lasting look and protection. Seats, carpets, dash and entire cabin will be cleaned thoroughly with recommended care materials which includes work with shampoo extractor and lots of wiping and vacuuming work. Once done you will be surprised to see the change that it could bring to your car. Driving in a clean tidy car will change lots of thing, to name one you will drive your car much care and love..and get in to such car every day will bring positive outcome to your life for sure,...

Detailing/ Exterior


It`s a process which is used to bring your vehicle exterior look back to showroom condition just as you received your loved car, the process includes activities as follows;

*Restoring the look of paint surface

Removing surface scratches, light oxidation and swirl/haze marks by polishing with rubbing compounds that is recommended by the manufacturer.

*Plastic, Rubber and vinyl parts of the exterior

Cleaning these parts of the vehicle is vital and has to be professionally done, and only the correct care materials should be used to do so. It is equally important to apply relevant care agents and conditioners for the protection and restoring of its original finish after the cleaning process.